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To date, over 170 years after the first burial in Green Ridge, there have been more than 20,000 burials and there is room for several thousand additional burials and columbarium niches.

Green Ridge Cemetery is a not for profit 501(c)(13) cemetery.

Friends of Green Ridge - Preserve, Promote, Protect

Established by a resolution of the Kenosha Cemetery Association board, the mission of the Friends of Green Ridge is to Preserve the Past, Promote the Present, and Protect the Future of Green Ridge Cemetery.

Does this sound like a group you would like to be a part of?  If you are interested in becoming a member of Friends of Green Ridge, please call the office at 262-652-1631 or email at  

Although our office staff does their best to accommodate all inquiries, they can run out of time in a typical work week before they run out of requests.  Staff will train and work alongside volunteers as necessary.  Opportunities include:

Digitizing burial records:  With over 150 years of burial records, digitizing the cemetery records takes many more hours that staff alone can give.  If you are computer savvy, we could use your help!

Fundraising:  If you have organizational skills and would like to organize and/or oversee a fundraiser for Green Ridge, we would love to hear from you!  As a non-profit organization we are always seeking ways to raise funds to continue the quality care of our grounds that those who entrusted their loved ones to our eternal care deserve!

Gardening: If you have a green thumb, we have areas awaiting your skill. The grounds crew is kept busy in the warmer months with basic mowing and tree care, in addition to ground preparation for burials. Planting, weeding, and watering in common areas around the office and along the fenceline just might be your forte!
If you are interested in joining the Friends of Green Ridge, please contact the cemetery office at 262-652-1631 or email us at

Genealogical research: We receive burial look up requests by walk-in, phone, mail, and email. Volunteers look up names using cemetery burial cards and maps. If requested, photos of a grave marker may also be taken.

Group tours: Since we are the oldest cemetery in the City of Kenosha, school group as well as adult group tours are conducted through the grounds. Volunteers tour guides are also needed for our annual History Walk on the first Saturday in October.