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To date, over 170 years after the first burial in Green Ridge, there have been more than 20,000 burials and there is room for several thousand additional burials and columbarium niches.

Green Ridge Cemetery is a not for profit 501(c)(13) cemetery.

History Walk

History Walk, 2012 - Great Women of Kenosha
The name Alford is familiar to Kenoshans; Mrs. Gertrude (Walter) Alford was a leader in starting the Girls Scouts in Kenosha, and donated land for a camp as well as the present day headquarters off of 22nd Avenue at Woodhaven.
Jane Pfennig Henkel was the daughter of a former mayor who escaped death as a young teen.  Lauretta Dibble was born in Kenosha and died in Kenosha, but she spent most of her life as a missionary teacher to girls in Angola; some artifacts she brought back are part of the Collection at the Kenosha Publice Museum.  Harriet Yule was a colorful character during the early part of the last century.  Dr. Helen Harbert was a prominent woman in the Danish community and her medical expertise aided Kenosha during the influenza pandemic. 


2011 History Walk presented "Kenoshans in Wartime." Augustus Quarles served in the Mexican War and was the first Wisconsinite to die defending the state; Antoine Dodge, slave of 1st territorial governor Dodge, fought in the Civil War and settled afterwards in Kenosha; James K. Balcom fought out West in the Indian Wars; J. Truman Streng experienced trench warfare during World War I, and Kenosha had its share of "Rosie the Riveters" at Nash-Kelvinator, including Theresa Johnson.
The 2010 History Walk at Green Ridge Cemetery is now history!  It can now be viewed on Channel 14, Kenosha Community Cable. Thanks to the almost 300 visitors who walked the beautiful grounds of Green Ridge and enjoyed reenactments of four leaders of Industry & Commerce in Kenosha.  
This year's Walk featured Henry S. Cooper, one of the founders of Cooper Underwear Company, now Jockey, International, and grower of prize-winning peonies; Zalmon G. Simmons, founder of Simmons Mattress Company; Thomas Jeffery, inventor and manufacturer of Rambler bicycles and automobiles; and a Chicago reporter telling the tale of Edward Bain, founder of Bain Wagon Works, who was shot by a jilted lover.  
Special thanks to Roger for driving his 1902 Jeffery Rambler to the Jeffery Mausoleum!  
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History Walk, 2009
Lorinda Merrill (Carol K.) was the first female lightkeeper at the 1866 Southport (now Kenosha) Lighthouse.

History Walk, 2008
Kate Deming (Allison S.) helped protect the secret that her father, Reuben Deming, a Methodist minister, was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, helping runaway slaves escape to Canada through Kenosha harbor.

History Walk, 2007

Carthage College Theater Department students (Marcy R. & Mark B.) portray Bridget and John McCaffery.  After John drowned his young wife Bridget in their backyard cistern, he was condemned to death by hanging.  However, his death was so gruesome, taking about 15 minutes, that the state banned capital punishment.  As a result, John became the only person to be put to death by the state of Wisconsin.